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From flying debris cracking your windshield to multi-car collisions, anything can happen when you're on the road. Fortunately for drivers in Des Plaines, Mt. Prospect, and Elk Grove Village, AutoNation Honda O'Hare is here for your auto body repair needs. 

At our network AutoNation Collision Center Westmont, you can look forward to quality repairs and reliable roadside assistance. That way, you can focus on what's really important: the health and safety of you and your passengers. 

Whenever you need us, call or come in with your new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. We're open today. 

Autonation Collision Center Westmont

Phone Number: (630) 332-0444
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Collision Repairs

If your car has suffered damage to its auto body (i.e., the exterior and nonmoving parts), we’re your local collision repair facility. Our certified technicians will fix the damage using top-quality and genuine parts and tools, offering an edge over third-party auto body shops.

Even minor fender benders can hide structural damage, so have your car’s post-accident condition assessed today. 

Paintless Dent Repair

Dents can happen anytime, anywhere, no matter how careful you are with your car or SUV. But you don’t need to get the full traditional sand-and-paint approach, which can involve hours of labor. Modern dent removal requires not much more than specialty tools to easily restore the metal back to its original shape. 

The best part? All that’s needed is just a few minutes for a quick evaluation of the damage and the actual repair process. 

Scratch, Dent & Ding Repair

You can be as careful as you want about not scratching up your car, but the world isn’t so kind. The good news: modern techniques have made it possible to treat small dings quickly and easily. So don’t wait to call our auto repair technicians at AutoNation Honda O’Hare Collision Center!

Complete Auto Paint Services

All good paint jobs require skilled technique and precision, with sufficient time required for the prepping, priming, and actual painting stages. That’s because so many things could go wrong, from mismatched colors and runny, uneven paintwork, to getting paint on those areas you don’t want painted. 

That’s why you want to leave it to the professionals at our Collision Center. Our factory-trained experts will handle all the color matching and refinishing for you, so your newly painted car will look good as new.

Windshield Replacement

Glass isn’t exactly known for being the most durable of materials in the world. It really can take anything from flying gravel to pressure buildup and extreme temperatures, to shatter an entire windshield. 

If that happens, call our Collision Center. Our specialists will assess the damage and replace your glass to factory conditions, so you’ll forget anything ever even happened. 

Auto Glass Repair

Something flies into your car while you’re driving. Even if the glass doesn’t shatter right away, even the smallest of dings aren’t to be scoffed at. Chips tend to spread over time, spidering their way across your window, until you have to replace the entire pane. 

That’s why preemptive action is the name of the game. Prevent further damage early on by having one of our technicians do a quick spot repair to stop that chip in its tracks. If the damage fits under a dollar bill, you should be able to repair it. Plus, most comprehensive insurance plans cover glass repair and replacement

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a lot like preventative care for humans. Keeping your wheels properly aligned is one of the easiest and most critical ways to keep your car running in peak condition. Otherwise, imbalanced wheels and tires can throw off many of your car’s vital systems, resulting in symptoms like: 

  • An underperforming suspension system
  • Uneven tire wear
  • More fuel usage 
  • Added stress on steering components, leading to expensive replacements
  • A car that pulls to the left or right

Wheel alignment only gets expensive once it causes a bigger problem needing bigger repairs. So save yourself the hassle in the long run and schedule service today.

Two cars on the side of the road

Checklist: What to Do if You Get Into an Accident

If you ever do end up getting in an accident, first breathe. Then follow these steps to cover all your bases:

  • Stay calm
  • Note when and where the accident took place
  • Take pictures of damages with a smartphones
  • Record the other party's insurance provider information
  • Call the police so they can create a police report if necessary
  • If you're in the Des Plaines, Mt. Prospect, or Elk Grove Village area, call AutoNation Honda O'Hare for your towing needs
  • Submit your insurance claim. Provide as much information about the accident as you can, including your pictures, as well as: 
    • What the damages are 
    • Who was involved and their insurance information 
    • Where and when the accident took place 
    • A police report, if one was made
  • If your car needs to stay in the repair shop, your insurance company can provide a rental car 

Why Choose AutoNation Collision Center Westmont?

When you stop by our Collision Center for your repair needs, you know you're in good hands. As part of our Collision Repair Pledge, we promise to:

  • Greet you in a timely manner
  • Thoroughly identify your needs
  • Conduct a walkaround quality control inspection to review damages with you
  • Clearly explain the estimates and claim process
  • Provide a detailed list of commitments before repair
  • Provide continual updates throughout the repair process
  • Personally review your vehicle and repairs with you at the time of delivery
  • Provide a lifetime repair guarantee on the work performed
Car buffer buffing out scratches.